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    via text message. To try it for free now, text "XiLi" to 86789.

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    XiLi gives you more opportunities to interact with prospects who are actively looking to buy, resulting in more sales, more efficiently than ever before possible. Read our testimonials!

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XiLi is not a mobile app — It’s better!


Buyers don’t need to download an app to use XiLi.
All they have to do is send a text on any browser-enabled smartphone.

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What else makes XiLi powerful?

XiLi complements your existing mobile investment

XiLi does not replace your current mobile tools or platforms. It creates a valuable new entry point to attract new leads first. Start generating leads today for only $24.99 per agent per month!

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XiLi text messaging provides instant communication with buyers

Contact with leads is initiated via text message, giving agents the opportunity to respond and create immediate dialogue.

Mobile-savvy buyers are generally more comfortable communicating via text than phone, email, or in-person visits. It's an excellent way for agents to follow up with leads, building personal rapport and credibility.

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XiLi is automated and easy

Just add agents to your XiLi account and we'll handle the rest. XiLi can integrate with your existing lead generation tools (e.g. LeadRouter) to simplify lead assignment.

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